Semi-modular - full performance

Module and trunk cables are the basis of our semi-modular cabling platform tSML. Other rack mount enclosures as with tML are not necessary, as the 19-inch modules, equivalent to half a height unit, are screwed directly in to the rack.

Thanks to plug-and-play, the factory pre-assembled and tested system components can be installed very quickly. Naturally, our tSML impresses with consequently high tde-quality in the fields of transmission technology, quality and performance.

Up to 1152 fibers in one height unit

Due to its smart design, the tSML is able to integrate the highest possible packing density into half a height unit:

FO- and TP-Modules, with their dimensions of 19 inches over 0,5 HU (height unit) can be used in combination with very high packing density. Therefore, the 48x LC-Duplex-Ports with 96 fibres, 24x MPO/MTP-Ports with 576 fibres or 24x RJ45 all have enough space to fit.

This means that in half a height unit, up to 1152 fibres can be implemented. The heart of the tSML-system is occupied by the double sided MPO/MTP- and Telco-connectors, through which a minimum of six ports with 10GbE can be connected at any given time.

Angled or straight?

It is possible to receive the tSML in both a straight and angled design.

The slanted design avoids side pulling forces, provides strain relief for the connectors and enables optimum access to the individual cables. At the same time, this design accommodates the bending radii and reduces he danger of falling below them.

The tSML is totally compatible with E2000, MP0/MTP, MU, MT-RJ, and ST- connectors.

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