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Why it is important for our customers that tde is included in the list of endorsers of the European Code of Conduct for data centres and why we recommend that data centre operators adhere to the Code of Conduct for energy-efficient data centres of the European Commission.

The annual energy consumption in Western Europe is expected to rise to approximately 104 TWh by 2020, a significant proportion of it is caused by the operation of data centres, enterprise servers, ICT equipment, cooling systems and power units.

The Code of Conduct for Data Centres - What is that?

The European Code of Conduct for Data Centres is an initiative of the Joint Research Centre and the Institute for Energy of the European Commission. The Code of Conduct was created in response to the increasing energy consumption in data centres.

To continuously reduce energy consumption in data centres, the Code of Conduct has set itself the aim to sensitize operators and owners of data centres for the issue of green IT and show them ways how to save energy. This allows them to optimize their business processes without any negative impact on the business-critical data centre functions due to optimisation measures. With best practice examples, the European Commission also provides recommendations to support the implementation of data centres and infrastructure.

tde's commitment to the Code of Conduct

Through targeted consulting and public relations tde stands up for the principles of the Code of Conduct and promotes the establishment of "green" data centres. The Code of Conduct only includes data centre operators and vendors that provide for an economical and efficient energy use through their activities: 'Participants' are data centres that are operated according to strict energy-economic aspects. Endorsers are the producers of energy-efficient components.

You can find the complete list of endorsers here:

The advantages for tde customers

After a thorough review of the product range and production methods used the tde was admitted to the small circle of the Code of Conduct endorsers by the EU Commission. This is a great honour that we can pass on to our customers.

All tde data centre components are designed for energy efficiency; the quality and environmental management follows the guidelines of ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and TL 9000.

Especially the tML® system offers companies interested in cutting costs through Green IT measures a modular cabling system of the highest technical level with a maximum packing density. tML® is a patented modular cabling system, which consists of three core components, namely modules, trunk cable and rack mount enclosure. The system components, which are a 100 percent made, pre-assembled and tested in Germany, enable an on-site plug and play installation within shortest time and can be reused at any time.

Due to a drastic reduction of the cable volume and twice the density in the rack, significant energy savings are achieved. As data centres can be smaller and also the ventilation channels in the cabinets and floors are not unnecessarily blocked, the required cooling efforts are reduced significantly - which is environmentally friendly and saves your money.

Do you want to support the Code of Conduct as well?

Energy-efficient data centre operators can apply as ‘Participants'. You can find the application form here:

Participants guidelines version 3.0 (.pdf)

Questions and Answers

FAQ’s – The Most Important Questions and Answers on the Code of Conduct for energy efficiency in data centres.

What main points are covered by the Code of Conduct?
  1. As a behavioural compendium for energy-efficient data centres, the Code of Conduct includes guidelines for designers of data centres, data centre operators and owners of the data centre, called Participants.
  2. To reduce energy consumption in data centres continuously, the Code of Conduct also provides basic guidelines for passive or active data centre components manufacturers, consulting companies or associations, known as Endorsers.
  3. In addition, the Code of Conduct contains a set of so-called "best practice" solutions which are prime examples and which describe the most successful solutions and procedures to serve the involved companies and parties as an incentive for energy efficient operation of their data centres.
    Download at

The Best Practice Guidelines, version 8.1.0 (.pdf)

Which guidelines apply for data centre operators?

Participants commit to hand in a monthly record about the energy consumption of the entire data centre, the main IT components, especially the cooling system, and various temperature data and to assess this information using the DCiE index (Data Centre Infrastructure Efficiency). Click on the following link to download the complete list of guidelines:

Participants guidelines version 3.0 (.pdf)

Which guidelines apply for manufacturers of data centre equipment?

Manufacturers of data centre equipment, consultants or industry associations have to prove that they support the energy-efficient data centre operation within their field of expertise. This implies the development of data centre components or solutions that promote the realization of energy-efficient data centre operation. Click on the following link to download the complete list of guidelines:

Endorsers guidelines version 3.1.0 (.pdf)

What other commitments does the code of conduct include?

All parties agree to raise the level of awareness of the Code on their own initiative.

What companies are already listed as Participants in the Code of Conduct?

For a list of all Participants, please click the following link: Participants

What companies already participate as endorsers of the Code of Conduct?

For a list of Endorsers, please visit the following link: Endorsers