Intelligent cabling technology for the industry 4.0

Factory of the future

From the auto industry to the metal production and -working industry, the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, the electronics industry and the areas of transport, logistics and transport all the way to mechanical and plant engineering: The Internet of Things (IoT) is able to fuse the real world and the virtual world together. In the intelligent factory of the future, machines and products are connected with each other. Essential to the successful realisation of your IoT projects are fast and reliable broadband connections.

Smart connection

The right connection is decisive: Because it enables the intelligent management of machines, storage systems and operating material, which can all communicate independently with each other in Smart Factories. Efficiency, mechanical strength and energy efficiency of network connections are the central factors of their functioning IoT infrastructure.

Broadband-Champion fibre optics

Fibre optic broadband doesn’t only assure you high transmission rates, but also as well the required availability to ensure your uninterrupted production process. Even more: Fibre optic cables are less liable to break down and therefore are ideal in demanding, rough industrial environments. They are close to bug proof and score well in mission-critical surroundings. Our flexible modular cabling systems can be applied in numerous industrial fields of application.

Thanks to plug-and-play they are able to be built and modified quickly and efficiently without any need for new installation. This is how they adapt to all the needs of the assembly line, offer high investment security and are also extremely energy efficient. High availability and reliability ensure an undisturbed production without expensive disruptions.