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tPM: Professional cable routing

The demands of network cabling are growing and therefore also the number of patch cables in network cabinets. With our tPM patch cord management system, customers from different branches – from the automobile industry to suppliers of internet hubs – can better the overview in their network cabinets and therefore can find more order.

That is why we have designed our patented three-part system in such a way, that the patch cords are protected from mechanical stress by integrated strain relievers, which also prevent superfluous raising of attenuation levels through fibre stress.

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No more fiber stress

Up to nine cable route holders are able to be fitted with various foam linings and can be fixed on to the 19-inch panel in 17 different ways – depending on need and the scenario in which they would be used for. To take into account different cable volumes, we offer a choice of six traditional plastic or metal brackets.

Next to the horizontal patch cord management, we also have vertical patch cord management in our portfolio. With this, laying or re-laying of cables becomes a lot easier.

Another advantage: The improved cable management helps more efficiently ventilate the server cabinet and moreover, contributes to more Green IT in data centres.

Simple & tool-free

A quick installation is made possible by the fact that the cable route holders can be easily fixed and bolted without any need for equipment. The foam linings were designed with recesses for various cable types and cable volumes.

Our tPM-patch cord management is the ideal supplement to our modular plug-and-play cabling platforms tML – tde Modular link and tSML – tde Semi Modular Link. We also offer our tPM for cabling systems made by other companies, too.

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