Broadband expansion with high-speed

Life in the digital fast lane with fibre-optics

Whether 5G, cloud computing, digitalisation, complex hyperscale data centres or IoT projects: The ever further progressing digitalisation needs one thing more than any other: High-speed networks. Even though the fibre-optic expansion usually doesn’t happen as fast as it could – the components have been in the digital fast lane for a long time. Our modular cabling systems assure high availability, reliability and high transmission rates – while at the same time assuring highest packing density and quick installation thanks to plug-and-play functionality.

Sophisticated design

Extremely compact, flexible and efficiently packed high-speed cabling, huge amounts of time saved during the installation and with that optimal cost effectivity: That is our tDF – tde Distribution Frame (ODF). With this central office solution, you are able to implement high fibre numbers – 46 height units with up to 4032 splices in one cabinet – in limited space. Structured and always clear. Without cable mess. Because any over length patch cords are designated their own level.

Ready for the future with tML

Even though they were originally designed for data centres: Our scalable tML-system platforms also scores well with FTTH-/FTTB applications. In connection with the tML fibre-optic splitter module, the MPO technology is also able to play to its main strength, packing density: Up to 16 1:64 fragments – based on a 12-fibre-MPO – are able to be packed into one height unit. In connection with a 24- or 32-fibre-MPO, there is also the possibility for increasing the amount of connectors per height unit. This is how we connect highly compact, flexible and efficiently packed high-speed cabling with a time efficient installation and optimal cost effectivity.

Whatever solution you decide to choose: Our products assure you high availability and reliability and also accelerate the fast fibre-optic broadband expansion. The exchange of digital data in the future will only take place over fibre-optic networks.