tML: Maximum packing density – easiest migration

From 2008, this product has been just as successful as it is versatile and is a guaranteed secure investment: Our patented modular cabling system tML. With this system, even the most complex of networks can be navigated thanks to plug-and-play. It impresses with a very high packing density and can be easily remodelled or expanded. This is why it is an excellent choice, especially if you have limited, valuable space – in Hyperscale data centres or in production – that need to be filled in an optimal way, and also if you want to stay sustainable for the future.

At the heart of the tML System with its three main components: modules, trunk cables and rack mount enclosures are the MPO-/MTP- and Telco connectors, located on the back: Through these, it is possible to connect a minimum of six and up to twelve ports at once. For this, we assembled and tested our plug-and-playable system components in advance – so when it comes to installation of the product, you save time. In a rack mount enclosure, fibre-optic and also twisted patch modules can be compositely deployed, with a high port density. Depending on how modules have been assembled, there are realistic transmission rates of up to 400 G.

You can receive a number of different versions of the tML-cabling system:

tML Standard

Very high packing density with flexible and expandable cabling – this is how our tML-Standard-System impresses. Up to eight fibre-optic or twisted patch modules can be compositely deployed with a rack mount enclosure with high port density. In connection with 19-inch rack mount enclosures, within one height unit that is fully mounted, they offer enough room for 48 x RJ45-Ports, 96 x FO-LC-Duplex-Ports with 192 fibres, 96 x 12 fibre-MPO with a total of 1152 fibres or 96 x 24 fibre-MPO with 2304 fibres. In combination with the compact SN (Senko) or MDC (US Conec) single-fibre connectors, it is even possible to double the number of LC duplex fibres to 384 and to increase the number of ports on a height unit by a factor or four.

Since the creation of tML in 2008, we have been improving the cabling platform continually: It is totally compatible with older connection arrangements and unusual connector types (ST, SC, E2000, LC, MT-RJ, MU) as well as the newest generation of compact single-fibre connectors (CS, MDC, SN) and also will be able to support future connector types. The cabling platform is available in the fibre-classes OS2 and OM1 to OM5.


tML-Xtended is an extended version of the successful tML-cabling system. For this, we integrated the tML-X-module, for an innovative configuration. Instead of working with various modules or patch cables associated with the usual normalized module polarity methods A, B and C, which in practice can lead to extremely complicated and mistake prone handling of the product, you get the tML-X-module, which has an equal configuration of the modules and patch cables on either side – either before or after the migration to higher data rates.

Your advantage: You will not have to worry about configuration, and the stocking, just as well as the handling of the network cabinet can be made simpler.


Our innovative tML-24-system impresses with help of its enormous packing density: For this, we have equipped the trunk cables and modules of the tML-system with a 24-fibre-MPO. The result: The complete rear cabling is based on the connector. Compared to the 12-fibre-MPO-connector that has the same construct, this can offer two rows with up to twelve fibres per row, which is double the number of fibres of the 12-fibre-MPO system and therefore offers a compact performance with the most limited of space. As network engineers only need to install just half the number of cables and plugs, the cable volume in data centres is reduced massively.

At the same time, we are revolutionising the migration to higher transmission rates, as depending on module assembly, because currently, when you receive the tML24-system, you get transmission rates of 10G up to 400G. Here is where the tML-24 impresses, with the highest possible investment protection while enjoying the most amount of flexibility: We have designed the product in a way that for all types of transmission rates, consistently uniform occupied components can be used on both tML-24 sides.

The advantage: network technicians at no point need to worry about cable pinout. 96 MPO Ports can be implemented on one height unit. At full mountings, the tML-24-system can fit 2304 fibres on to one height unit – without any problems regarding attenuation budget.


Ready for Highspeed: With the branch-wide unique tML-32-cabling system, we have been setting new standards since 2019 while migrating quickly and simply to higher data transmission rates. For this, the rear cabling of the modular tML-system is based on the 32-fibre-MPO-connector, with which data transmission rates up to 400G can be reached, while also having an enormous packing density of up to 3072 fibres on one height unit, with more possibilities to improve.


Regardless of which tML-system platform you decide to go for: As singular system components can be changed and re-used, if there are any network changes, tML therefore contributes to more sustainability and also to more Green IT. The best thing: From the start, we designed our tML-platforms to be highly compatible, and we are improving them consistently. So that you are prepared for the future.