High speed

(R)Evolution der Netze

Ever more data traffic, ever higher transmission rates, ever greater demands on the cabling infrastructure: networks must be able to withstand current and future digitalisation demands. 800G currently possible - and we have our eye on the Terabit Mountains. Our passion is high-speed.

To achieve this, we rely on parallel optical connection technology based on the strategic MPO connector in combination with scalable cabling systems. This is the only way to achieve high-speed data rates that are also future-proof. It is already clear today that 800G is by no means the end of the line.

Ready for the terabit age

In view of digitisation, developments such as AI, the IoT, machine learning, cloud computing or hyperscale data centres, data transfer rates of more than 1 Tbit/s are within reach. We provide data centres and smart factories with solutions for today and the future. What's more, thanks to our modular and scalable system platforms with high fibre numbers in the rear, all options are open to them for future-proof and investment-proof migration. To this end, we have designed our tML modules in a way that they can integrate all current and even future connectors in the patch area. That is sustainability in action.

Added value. Constantly improved.

There are many cabling platforms. But none is designed with foresight as much as our tML system: It has proven itself in all industries for 15 years and is fully compatible. What's more: we are continuously improving it. All components are reusable, you can also convert, expand and dismantle your cabling infrastructure just at any time. Additionally, it scores with the highest packing density in the industry and optimum energy efficiency - of course with 100 percent reliability and the highest quality. This is how we (r)evolutionise your network.

  • High-speed up to 800G  
  • Simple, future-proof and investment-proof migration 
  • Open for all current and future connectors (patch area) 
  • Designed with foresight - continuously improved