High availability

Our guarantee: 100 percent failure-proof

No company can afford downtimes due to network faults or system failures caused by cable problems. To prevent production from coming to a standstill, office floors from being paralysed or business processes from being slowed down by interruptions, networks need a stable backbone – highly available and 100% failure-proof. This is not utopia. That´s tde.

We focus on the high availability and failure-safety of your network infrastructure. At the same time, we take into account the rapidly increasing demand for more bandwidth and rising transmission rates. You can rest easy, knowing that cabling problems and network failures are a thing of the past - today and in the future.

Quality right from the start

Our answer to these demands are MPO connectors based on multi-fibre technology combined with plug-and-play and modular cabling solutions "Made in Germany". Our benchmark is quality. This also guarantees the sustainability of our solutions, because buying cheap means buying twice, or even having to accept downtimes and costly support services. One thing is clear: saving on cabling are savings on the most sensitive part of the company – its central nervous system. The entire IT system depends on it.

Investment and future-proof

Sustainability is an essential part of our corporate strategy: That's why we have designed our modular and plug-and-play cabling platforms to be sustainable from the ground up. For you, this means that all components of the tML cabling systems can be reused. Conversions, upgrades and retrofits, as well as expansions of the network infrastructure are possible at any time. Our platforms support simple and fast migration to current levels of up to 400G and more and can integrate all connectors currently available on the market, even future ones. This means, you’ll benefit from cabling that is investment- and future-proof in the long term.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • 100 percent failure-safe
  • Highest quality "Made in Germany”
  • Sustainably designed components 
  • Investment and future-proof