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Manufactured in Lower Saxony. In use worldwide.

Made in Germany

100 percent quality. Shortest delivery times. These are just two reasons why we produce in Germany. For more than 30 years. And in the future. Because "Made in Germany" is part of our philosophy and the highest quality is crucial for our industry. So that you can always rely on your network.

We do not compromise on quality: We already place the highest demands on our raw materials. And we continue to do so in the manufacturing process and during installation. Consistently. Instead of coming from Eastern Europe or the Far East, our components, applications, cables and connectors, manufactured with the highest precision, come from the Osnabrück district.

State-of-the-art production

This is where we run our fibre optic cable assembly, one of the most modern in Europe. Our employees terminate up to 100,000 fibre optic connectors per month with sensitivity and high-precision manual work in combination with the most modern production equipment. If necessary, production can be ramped up at any time. It goes without saying that our employees are highly qualified; they are all trained in the use of special technical equipment such as laser cleavers and gluing robots. Only absolutely flawless products find their way to our customers after a 100 per cent testing procedure. This pays off: in sustainable solutions and not a single complaint.

Independent of supply chains

Made in Germany has another advantage: we are largely independent of supply chains. This has proven to be a great advantage, especially in recent years. At the same time, it takes into account our corporate culture of sustainability in all areas. And this means that the option of producing abroad, where prices are lower, does not even arise for us. Because we are uncompromising when it comes to quality.

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  • 100 percent quality "Made in Germany
  • Shortest delivery times
  • Sustainable solutions - never a complaint for more than 30 years
  • Supply chain independent