Ready for the future

For the toughest tasks

Super computers can process and save extreme amounts of data in the shortest of times. Research data has to find its way to the servers in a quick, safe and highly available fashion. All this asks for highly efficient and fail-safe computer systems and sets high demands of the network infrastructure.

Always one step ahead

As researchers and scientists of organisations, institutes or universities, you research today, for the future. With our modular cabling systems, you can be prepared for the data transmission rates of tomorrow. This is because our solutions are scalable and highly flexibly designed and therefore enable a simple, quick migration, as well as future expansions regarding conversion and expansion. High packing densities save space and energy.

tde-Know-how at CERN

CERN is the European organisation for nuclear research. Here, resides the biggest particle physics laboratory in the world. Physicists research about the basic questions of humanity. While doing this, they can rely on highly available and fail-safe high-speed communication. CERN uses the know-how of the tde as MPO-technology leader and profits from data rates of up to one terabyte per second. The fibre-optic cabling allows the real-time transmission of measured data and the synchronisation of particle accelerators.

tde delivered almost the entire fibre-optic connection technology, tooled MPO-technology in house and designed their own cable types, appropriate for that technology. The tde was also able to implement the highest speed for the CERN data network, thanks to a tailor-made, highly compact cabling system with single mode and multi-mode fibre optic cables – for reliable and sustainable high speed data transmission.