Designed for high speed

Our high-quality product portfolio for passive network infrastructure, enables us to be your experienced network expert for complete system solutions in the LAN, SAN and WAN application fields for datacom, telecom, industry, medical and defense sectors.

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tML® tde Modular Link

Scalable, modular, future-proof and therefore very sustainable – the tML is our patented cabling system with three key components module, trunk cable and rack mount enclosure.

We manufacture, assemble and test 100 percent of the system components at our state-of-the-art production site in Germany. Your advantage: plug-and-play installation is possible in the shortest amount of time possible, in data centres as well as in industrial environments.

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Fibre optic components

Offering the right solution for all needs - whether it be customised production according to customer specifications, or production in series. All fibre optic components and applications are manufactured in our own production facilities at state-of-the-art German sites using special equipment.

We integrate and assemble them into our splice modules and boxes, manufactured in the high-quality tde design. We maintain assembly house partnerships with renowned manufacturers.

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tPM - tde Patch Cable Management

Orderly patch cable routing in the network distributor and integrated strain relief functions are made easy with our patented patch cable management system tPM.

The system consisting of a 19-inch panel (1 HE), cable guide holder and foam inserts enables neatly structured and energy-efficient cabling, able to withstand high packing densities in a compact space. It does this together with the modular tML, tSML and tBL cabling platforms.

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Active components

We distribute active components exclusively as a commercial business. For more than 20 years we have been a distributor for premium edge connectivity-solutions of the high-end supplier LANTRONIX, formerly Transition Networks.

The portfolio includes core products such as transceivers suitable for all ranges, protocols and speeds as well as complementary network adapters, switches, converters or extenders.

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tSML – tde Semi Modular Link

tSML is our modular cabling system, consisting of the two key components module and trunk cable. By pre-assembling and testing the system components, data centre planners and network engineers benefit from time-saving plug-and-play installation on site.

Having been designed future-proof, the tSML platform withstands the highest packing density.

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TP components

Integral manufacturing "Made in Germany” also applies to our TP components. We manufacture our patch and trunk cable applications according to the latest standards, for a wide variety of configurations. Our product range almost includes the complete connector portfolio available on the market.

For top quality we rely on renowned manufacturers. The copper components are used in our tBL tde Basic Link (TP) system solution for structured cabling. An extensive carrier system portfolio complements the solution.