tde for mobile use

High performance in Harsh Environments

High availability, high speed and reliability: These are the demands to the cabling infrastructure – as well as outside of dry and clean data centres. Our solutions prove themselves in rough, dirty, and vibration sensitive surroundings as well as surroundings with adverse temperatures: from the offshore area, past the broadcasting and events sector, mountain and valley construction, railroad and outdoor industry plants, oil and gas production, all the way to the defense sector.

We offer you complete cabling systems with high performance for mobile cabling, robust and resistant lens connectors, special cables that fit their various environmental parameters, as well as optimised products with a small amount of weight and volume at high temperature application range, all for harsh environment applications.

In use worldwide

You need the security, that your communication link functions reliably – in every environment, worldwide. Lens connectors from tde offer you this security.

Their qualities come into play, wherever it gets down and dirty. Even more: With optimised optics, they are already ready for rising transmission rates in the future. That is what creates planning and investment security. Thanks to their compact design, highest possible packing density and easy plug-and-play connectivity they are an efficient and future oriented solution.