Plug and Play

tML & Co.: The real plug-and-play system

Many can do plug-and-play. But only we offer true plug-and-play. Modular, scalable, with easy migration to transmission rates of currently up to 400 Git/s and higher and with the highest packing density in the industry. This means that cabling systems can be installed in the shortest possible time - in data centres as well as in industrial environments.

Faster and safer to a fail-safe and future-proof cabling solution: no problem with plug-and-play! Above all, our pre-assembled tML system platforms are practical and score with many advantages: They reduce the effort of on-site installation, save time for network technicians, planners and installers and are also energy-efficient in combination with fibre optic cables.

Pre-assembled saves time

We manufacture our pre-assembled systems under optimal conditions exclusively at our German production site and adapt them specifically to the respective needs of our customers. On site, the solutions can be laid cleanly and without great effort, even if space is limited. What's more: our modular cabling systems save resources and time. For this purpose, we pre-assemble and test all cable routes and connectors so that network technicians can efficiently connect them on site in the shortest possible time. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly splicing.

Connecting 12, 24 and more fibres quickly

In combination with MPO technology, plug-in processes and installations can be additionally simplified and shortened: While only two fibres can be connected at once with rear cabling with LC duplex plugs, there are at least 12, 24 and more fibres depending on the application via plug-and-play connectivity. Plug-and-play also plays a decisive role in the migration to higher transmission rates: all migration levels from 10G to currently 400G and more can be realised on the same tML system platform. Because even with increasing data volumes, you can continue to use every fibre, because our modular platform becomes a neutral data highway for all future requirements.

tde - The real plug-and-play system.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Modular plug-and-play cabling systems for maximum scalability.
  • Pre-assembled system platforms reduce on-site effort, save time and are energy-efficient in combination with fibre optic cables
  • MPO connectors simplify and shorten mating procedures and installations
  • Easy migration from 10G to currently 400G and more on the same tML system platform