Structured cabling

Our standard for structured building cabling with twisted pairs, is only the highest quality. That is why we have designed our tBL tde Basic Link (TP) system solution especially for structured cabling in Cat6A for transmission rates of up to 10 GbE in real time. The tBL cabling link corresponds to a permanent link in accordance with ISO/IEC 11801 (EN 50173). Network technicians can choose between the RJ45 modules in the Keystone (KS) and Datacenter (DC) designs.

As with all our cabling platforms, we also pay attention to compact design for high packing density with the tBL: the design of the 6-way RJ45 DC module, for example, offers up to 48 RJ45 ports on one height unit (U). The RJ45 modules can be connected by simply plugging them into the slim tBL cable termination block. Network technicians can assemble the block easily to the cable using the tBL crimp tool. The termination block is also suitable for the pre-assembling of cable sections.

Thanks to the modular design of the tBL, individual RJ45 modules can be replaced at any time without re-assembling. We also offer the Keystone modules as a cheaper alternative without the cable termination block in a tool-less version.

We complement our system solutions with a comprehensive portfolio of carrier systems. These include design-capable data outlets, floor box frames, consolidation points, DIN rail modules and patch panels in half and full height unit versions.