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30 years of tde: With quality and sustainability into the future

Network specialist celebrates 30th anniversary – Expansion of German production site

Always one step ahead – that has been tde's claim for 30 years now: Since its founding in 1991, the network specialist has continuously demonstrated its innovative strength and offers future-proof solutions that provide companies with a stable backbone for their network. To achieve this, the privately run family business places quality and sustainability at the centre of its corporate strategy: "We not only design and produce our modular system platforms sustainably and with a quality guarantee, but also preserve the value of our buildings, use electric cars or pay attention to environmental protection when creating green spaces. At the same time, continuity is of utmost importance to us – at all levels. This is also reflected in our product portfolio," says tde CEO André Engel. "This clearly differentiates us from the competition and creates added value for customers."

tde system platforms: Investment- and future-proof as well as energy-efficient

tde has conceived and designed its product portfolio to be sustainable from the ground up: thanks to the modular design of the tML, tML Xtended and tML-24 cabling systems, all components can be reused, which means that conversions, upgrades and extensions to the cabling infrastructure are possible at any time. Companies also receive cabling systems that are investment- and future-proof in the long term, as the platforms support simple and fast migration to currently up to 400G and more, and can integrate all relevant connectors currently available on the market. In combination with the space-saving MPO multi-fibre connectors, the packing density of the connection technology, for example in the tML-24 system, can be significantly increased and the cable volume reduced. This saves expensive space in data centres and contributes to greater energy efficiency, as the area does not need to be air-conditioned. The system solution tBL – tde Basic Link for classic cabling, the patented patch cable management system tPM and the modular central office solution tDF – tde Distribution Frame have also proven themselves in countless well-known reference projects.

The network specialist uses only high-quality materials, thus ensuring the long service life of all components. By testing them 100 percent for quality and documenting all processes seamlessly, tde's customers benefit from up to 25 years of system warranty.

"Our strategy – to create a sustainable network infrastructure with the highest quality – is a success," says André Engel and continues, "This is demonstrated by our leading position in the market and numerous projects with renowned partners from all industries, including CERN. For us, however, sustainability goes beyond our products – we consistently pursue it in all areas of the company."

Sustainable in every detail: building protection, electric car fleet, insect-friendly flower meadow

In order to be able to meet the demand for cabling solutions "made in Germany" at any time, tde has expanded its production site in Bippen/Ohrte with an 800-square-meter hall for state-of-the-art fibre optic and copper cable assembly: for this purpose, the network specialist had the 20-year-old building completely renovated and equipped with valuable furnishings in order to use it for production, as a warehouse and office. For more environmental and insect protection, a natural flower meadow surrounds the 6000-square-meter property. tde has installed e-charging stations both at the manufacturing facility in Lower Saxony and at the company headquarters in Dortmund. The network specialist uses these for its car fleet consisting of electric and hybrid cars.

Internationally operating system supplier

In the context of its company anniversary, tde can look back on significant milestones: "In addition to numerous product innovations, we are particularly proud of the fact that we have developed into a system supplier over the past fifteen to twenty years," says André Engel. "We sell our modular, scalable as well as plug-and-play tde solutions directly to corporations, universities or renowned institutions – throughout Germany and internationally. In doing so, we increasingly act as a general contractor and support customers from planning to installation and integration on site." Customers can also expect innovative products and services from the technology leader in MPO multi-fibre technology in the future: for example, tde will launch Fibercast, a new digital industry format, during the second quarter of 2021.

About tde – trans data elektronik GmbH

For 30 years the tde - trans data elektronik GmbH, an internationally successful company, has specialised in the development and production of scalable cabling systems for highest packing density. The nuclear research centre CERN relies on the know-how of the leading company in multi-fibre technics (MPO) as well. The company’s portfolio "Made in Germany" contains complete system solutions with a focus on Plug-and-play for high speed applications in the field of datacom, telecom, industry, medical and defence. tde offers both planning and installation services through its own service department and supports the "European Code of Conduct" when it comes to energy efficiency in data centres. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Xing.

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