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Tool-free fastening of the cable routing to the mesh cable tray in new and existing cabling systems

For professional cable routing: tde cable outlet plates guarantee compliance with bending radii

Dortmund (Germany), 18 May 2022. tde - trans data elektronik GmbH is expanding its tPM patch cord management system to include cable outlet plates for mesh cable trays. This enables network technicians to guarantee compliance with bending radii, especially in connection with fibre-optic cables, and to avoid micro- or macrobending of the optical fibres. tde has designed the cable outlet plates to be user-friendly and tool-free and provides customised versions for a wide variety of mesh cable tray manufacturers.

Mesh cable trays are the first choice in data centres: they are used to accommodate cables for interconnecting distribution cabinets. In contrast to closed cable ducts, mesh cable trays offer numerous advantages: Due to the air supply, they prevent heat accumulation, and at the same time, the cables can be fed in and out at any point and in any direction due to the open construction. This gives network technicians a view at all times, allows them to carry out new cabling and rewiring more quickly and to rectify faults easily. A cable guide ensures compliance with the bending radii for new and existing cabling: "Particularly in connection with fibre optic cables, it is imperative that network technicians ensure that the bending radii of the optical fibres are not undercut and thus not subjected to excessive transverse pressure. The result can be micro- and macrobending of the fibres," explains André Engel, Managing Director of tde. This is a stressing of the fibres due to pressure, which can be caused by transverse pressure or tension. Engel continues: "The result can be a massive increase in attenuation. If this concerns multimode fibres, higher transmission rates of 10 Gbit and above are accompanied by very small attenuation budgets, so that data transmission may no longer be possible at all. With our new cable outlet plate for mesh cable trays, this will not happen."

Easy handling and customised designs

tde has designed the cable outlet plates for quick and user-friendly installation: they can be attached to the mesh cable tray without tools. Network technicians can attach them effortlessly even if cables have already been laid: After hooking them in and then snapping them into place, they can be used immediately. The cables routed over the mesh cable trays can be attached to the cable outlet plate with Velcro strips.
In order to meet the customer-specific requirements of the numerous mesh cable tray manufacturers, tde provides cable guide plates in various designs. The network expert takes the different material thicknesses and distances of the struts into account as well as the specific bending radii and outer diameters of the cables.

The tde cable outlet plates complement the tPM patch cord management system from tde for professional cable routing.

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