Green IT in the distribution cabinet: tde presents ventilated 19-inch fibre optic splice enclosure for tBL series

For high-density and high-speed networks of the future: Network expert integrates compact MDC connector into tML cabling system

Servers and distribution cabinets must not exceed critical temperatures. If the heat is not properly dissipated, so-called hotspots can occur, which in turn put a strain on cooling. Cooling the overheated areas also increases energy consumption. Excessive heat can have a negative effect on the durability of the components in the distribution cabinet as well. This is why tde is offering its new 19-inch fibre optic enclosure as a closed and as a ventilated version: "The ventilated fibre optic enclosure with its lattice cover allows air to circulate better, thus preventing hotspots," explains André Engel, Managing Director of tde. "Since less energy is needed to cool the distribution cabinet, it also takes account of Green IT in data centers. Of course, it also boasts tde's own well-known features, such as high functionality and very easy installation with high packing density and optimum fibre management".

Easy mounting and handling
For time-saving and convenient installation, network technicians can lock and unlock the drawer of the modular fibre optic enclosure without tools thanks to a special mechanism. For splicing, the drawer can be pulled out, swung down and also be removed. On its rear side, cables can be inserted straight or at an angle over the entire width and fastened with cable ties or Velcro strips. Network technicians can insert cables of different diameters. This is especially advantageous in connection with breakout applications. The new 19-inch fibre enclosure has a very small installation depth of 220 mm, is variably depth-adjustable by 50 mm and can optionally be locked to prevent unauthorized or accidental access. Up to 96 splices can be placed on one height unit or, alternatively, for breakout applications, preassembled fibre optic trunk cables can be stored. When developing its fibre optic enclosure, tde ensured continuous earthing and connected the drawer to the basic housing via an earthing cable. The network expert also supplies ETSI adapters that allow the distribution box to be integrated into the ETSI racks frequently used by telecom carriers. Matching front panels are available for the FO enclosure for all common FO connector types - E2000, FC, LC-, MPO and SC. Customers can order the distribution boxes completely pre-equipped and ready for splicing from tde. Individual mountings are also possible. Thanks to tde's own FO splice enclosure configurator with product visualisation, reliable and error-free configurations can be created in just a few steps. The fibre optic splice enclosure configurator is available at

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