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tMO - tde Modular Optical Connector

The tMO plug is a patented Small Form Factor (SSF) plug connector, which is developed particularly for blowing in microducts. The tMO plug which is based on LC-connector technology is extremely compact and equipped with a very thin ferrule holder. It is preterminated and can be blown without plug housings over a very long distance of up to 1,000 meters into 4/3 mm microducts. At the home side the plug housing is assembled by simple "snap on housing" and the connector is ready to go.

The tMO plug is 100% LC-compatible and is offered in multimode and singlemode. An APC version is likewise available.

Particularly with the fiber optic installation in "Fiber to the Home" environments offers the tMO enormous advantages:

  • tMO makes it possible to blow the preterminated cables from the central distribution point without access to the homes.
  • Removal from time and cost-intensive splicing and fiber blowing at the customer premises. Reduction of installation time as access to the households is not required
  • Since the entrance to private homes is no longer necessary, multiple appointment arrangements with the private endusers become redundant
FO Cable Pigtail tMO (LC)/- Simplex 9/125 BBXS Fiber, Length: xxxx in m
FO Cable Pigtail tMO (LC)/- Duplex 9/125 BBXS Fiber, Length: xxxx in m


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