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tDF® - Cable guide holder metal, 3fold for tDF® subrack

P/N: TDF-3U-CR-3


Cable guide holders for the regulatory horizontal cable run of patch cords.

Technical data

Type Cable guide holder 3-fold for tDF® subrack
Material Metal
Assembly 2x 3-fold guide holder, 70mm
Mounting On the front at the tDF® subrack
Cable entry Patch cords are inserted from the top
  QS-Managementsystem ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TL 9000
P/N Description Quantity
TDF-3U-AD-32 tDF® - Distance adapters 32mm for tDF® subrack
TDF-3U-BP tDF® - Loose tube management (6,4mm Flexible tube) for tDF® subrack
TDF-3U-CR-3 tDF® - Cable guide holder metal, 3fold for tDF® subrack
TDF-SR-3U tDF® - sub rack 19"/3U/84HP
TDF-SR-3U-BP tDF® - sub rack 19"/3U/84HP with integrated loose tube management (6.4mm flexible tube)



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