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tde - Secure LC Extraction Tool (yy-Colour Code)



The feature of the SLC plug is simple: If one puts the plug into a standard LC adapter, this engages there firmly and is surely locked. The disconnecting is only possible with the use of a special extraction tool. Then no danger exists that unauthorized plugs are unlocked. Eight different key configurations are available as standard options.

Technical data

Connector Colour yy = WS (white), GR (grey), GN (green), BL (blue), GE (yellow), RT (red), OR (orange), SW (black)
P/N Description Quantity
L-SLC-BLIND-yy tde - Secure LC Blind Connector for Port Locking (yy-Colour Code)
L-SLC/SLC09DRxxx-yy tde - Secure Patch cord LC/LC 9/125µ Duplex Round Cable LSOH OS2, length: xxx in m
L-SLC/SLC50D3Rxxx-yy tde - Secure Patch cord LC/LC 50/125µ Duplex Round Cable LSOH OM3, length xxx in m
L-SLC-TOOL-yy tde - Secure LC Extraction Tool (yy-Colour Code)



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tde Secure LC