FO DIN rail splice module

tBL® - DIN rail splice housing MM 3x ST Duplex OM2, splice ready prepared

P/N: TBL-H06-03STD50S

Technical data

Pre-mounted 3 ST duplex adapters MM
6 ST Fiber pigtails 50/125µ OM2 2.0 meters 12 x Colors, splice ready prepared
6 Crimp Splice protectors
1 Splice cassette
1 Splice holder
1 Cabel entry vertical
1 Mounting clip (for mounting on rail housing)
1 Gland M20 for cable entry
Alternative pre-mounted

TBL-H06-xxSTD50yz (see below)

xx (01 - 06) quantity of adapters
y (S)plice ready prepared
z With(O)ut Crimp Splice protectors
  • Housing Alu-sheet, 1 mm
    Dimensions 141.4 x 141 x 42.8 mm
    Colour powdered in RAL 9005 (black)
    Front panel Alu-sheet
      incl. labeling strip
    Configuration Attachment up to 6x SC Duplex, 6x LC Quad (6x LCD), 6x ST Duplex adapters
  • Typ ST Duplex
    Application Singlemode/Multimode
    Design with flange
    Connector style ST Duplex
    Material Metal
    Sleeve Zirconia Straight Split
    Shutter --
    Manufacturer tde
  • Type splice cassette for DIN rail splice housing
    Material sheet steel
    Colour powdered in RAL 9005 (black)
    Configuration uo to 2x 12 splices
    Type FO Splice holder for 12 x Crimp splice protectors
    Dimensions 40 x 26 x 6 mm
    Material Bright ABS, similar RAL 1013
    Type Crimp splice protector
    Dimensions 31 x 3 x 1 mm
    Type Cable tie
    Dimensions 75 x 2.5 mm
    Type FO Blind stopper
    Application For covering of unused adapter slots
    Type Cable gland M20
    Color light grey
    Type Locknut for cable gland M20
    Color light grey
  • Colour Alu-zinc
    Colour zinced
    Colour Alu-zinc
    Opening for 1x M20 (PG13.5)
  • Connector Type ST
    Housing Metal
    Ferrule Zirconia Straight Split
    Ferrule Hole 126 µ
    Mating Cycles 1.000
    Operating Temperature -40°C up to +75°C
    Strain Relief to 150 N
    Manufacturer tde
    Optical performance
    FiberTypeWavelengthInsertion loss typ.Insertion loss max.Return loss min.
    50/125µ OM2 ST 850 nm

    ≤ 0.25 dB

    0.45 dB 30 dB
    62.5/125µ OM1 ST 850 nm

    ≤ 0.25 dB

    0.45 dB  
  • Tight Buffer Low smoke (IEC 61034 and EN 50268) and free of halogens (LS0H)
      Non corrosive after IEC 60754-2 and EN 50267
      Flame resistent after IEC 60332-3C and EN 50266-2-4
      Completly dry design
      Free from metal, no grounding problems and potential differences
      Tight Buffer for simple and direct connector mounting


    Fiber Count 1 (Tight Buffer)
    Core-Ø 0.9 mm
    Coreweight 1 kg/km
    Min. Bending radius - Installation 30 mm
    Min. Bending radius - Operation 30 mm
    Removal 1500 mm

    Fire load

    0.15 MJ/m

    Temperature range - Installation

    -5 to +50°C

    Temperature range - Operation

    -20 to +60°C

    Temperature range - Transport / Lagerung

    -25 to +70°C
  • Type Corning 50/125µ OM2 multimode fiber
    Manufacturer Corning
    Optical Specifications

    500 at 850 nm / 500 at 1300 nm

    Attenuation At 850 nm max. ≤ 2.5 dB/km
    At 1300 nm max. ≤ 0.8 dB/km
    Numerical Aperture 0.200 ± 0.015
    Dimensional Specifications
    Core Diameter 50.0 ± 3.0 µm
    Cladding Diameter 125.0 ± 2.0 µm
    Core-Clad Concentricity ≤ 3.0 µm
    Cladding Non-Circularity < 2.0%
    Core Non-Circularity ≤ 5.0%
    Coating Diameter 245 ± 5 µm
    Coating-Cladding Concentricity < 12 µm
    Environmental Specifications
    Enviromental TestTest ConditionInduced Attenuation 850 nm and 1300 nm (dB/km)
    Temperature Dependence -60°C to +85°C ≤ 0.20
    Temperature Humidity Cycling -10°C to +85°C and 4% to 98% RH ≤ 0.20
    Operating Temperature Range -60°C to +85°C   
    Mechanical Specifications
    Proof Test The entire fiber length is subjected to a tensile stress ≥ 100 kpsi (0.7 GN/m²).
    Length Fiber lengths available up to 8.8 km/spool.
    Performance Characterizations
    Refractive Index Difference 2%
    Effective Group Index of Refraction 850 nm: 1.490
    1300 nm: 1.486
    Fatigue Resistance Parameter (nd) 20
    Coating Strip Force Dry: 0.6 lbs (2.7N)
    Wet: 14 days in 23°C water soak: 0.6 lbs (2.7N)
    Cromatic Dispersion Zero Dispersion Wavelength (λ0): 1300 nm ≤ λ0 ≤ 1320 nm
    Zero Dispersion Slope (S0): ≤ 0.101 ps/(nm²*km)
P/N Description Quantity
TBL-H06-03STD50-3S tBL® - DIN rail splice housing MM 3x ST Duplex OM3, splice ready prepared
TBL-H06-03STD50-4S tBL® - DIN rail splice housing MM 3x ST Duplex OM4, splice ready prepared
TBL-H06-03STD50S tBL® - DIN rail splice housing MM 3x ST Duplex OM2, splice ready prepared
TBL-H06-03STD62S tBL® - DIN rail splice housing MM 3x ST Duplex OM1, splice ready prepared
TBL-H06-03STD9S tBL® - DIN rail splice housing SM 3x ST Duplex OS2, splice ready prepared



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