FO Adapters

E2000™ Compact Adapter, metal/beige-orange, Ceramic MM, M, Snap-In



E2000 Compact clutch with semi-transparent dust caps. Quick mounting clip integrated.
Color coding: Clutch / Frame.

Technical data

Standardisation acc. to IEC61754-15, DIN EN 186270

Mating cycles

min. 1000

Pull-out force

min. 70 N

Number of connectors (A) 1
Connector type (A) E2000™ Compact
Protection class (IP) connector (A) 20
Polishing connector (A) PC
Attenuation grade IL - connector (A) ≤ 0.2 dB, testing method acc. to IEC 61300-3-4
Connector color (A) beige
Lever- frame-coding connector (A) color
Frame color connector (A) orange-orange
Sleeve material Zirkonia Staight Split
Adapter fastening method flange snap
Holder for connector / module Snap-In frame
Fiber type Multimode (MM)


74.7 / 42 x 14.7 x 13 / 15.4 mm


steel: X10CrNi18-8 (1.4310) / plastic: PBT, fiber-glass reinforced (halogen-free)

Manufacturer R&M
P/N Description Quantity
L-AD-E2ACM-NF-GN/GN FO Adapter E2000™ Compact APC Adapter, metal/green-green, Ceramic SM, C, Snap-In
L-AD-E2CM-NF-BG/OR E2000™ Compact Adapter, metal/beige-orange, Ceramic MM, M, Snap-In
L-AD-E2CM-NF-BG/TK E2000™ Compact Adapter, metal/beige-aqua, Ceramic MM, M, Snap-In
L-AD-E2CM-NF-BG/VI E2000™ Compact Adapter, metal/beige-magenta, Ceramic MM, M, Snap-In
L-AD-E2CM-NF-BL/BL E2000™ Compact Adapter, metal/blue-blue, Ceramic SM, C, Snap-In



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