FO MPO/MTP® Premium

FO Loopback Connector 24F MPO/MTP® with pins 50/125µ OM3

P/N: L-M2P50-3-LOOP


Loopbacks are used primarily as a means to test optical links in networks or devices by "looping back" the connections from the TX (transmit) pairs to the RX (receive) pairs. By doing this, a complete optical link is formed, allowing the optical performance evaluation of a discrete component or a complete link in a network path covering one or more interfaces.

QSFP optical loopbacks offer a female MPO/MTP® connector end that mates to any MPO or MTP® adapter or device port. The QSFP loopback also can be mated directly to a parallel optical device such as a Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP) transceiver with a 4-lane configuration. For multimode applications, an attenuated version of the MPO loopback is available to simulate longer links in a network, with up to 5dB attenuation. With standard or custom pinouts available for 8- to 12-fiber MT ferrules, the QSFP loopback can accommodate specific optical-routing needs. The small and compact housing design allows side-by-side mounting in dense board applications and tight spaces. This design makes it ideal for blades with multiple optical components on a face plate.

MPO/MTP® optical loopbacks can be used to test such devices as CXP, QSFP, CFP and other links that use MPO as a form of interconnect in the network. Available in both 12- and 24-fiber configurations, the optical loopbacks offer standard and custom mapping.

Technical data

  • Compact in size
  • Ease of use with Plug-in technology
  • Network diagnosing & testing
  • Optional for 12 or 24 fibers MPO with or without Pins
  • The end faces of the connectors are optimized by means of Lasercleaving and machine polish. The MPO/MTP® plug has a defined fiber height of 1 - 3.5µ. The max. adjacent fiber height difference is 0.2µm and for all fibers 0.3µm.

    Type MPO/MTP® Male Push Pull Locking with Elite Pins (aqua)
    Ferrule 24 Fiber MM Elite® ferrule, PPS
    Boot colour Red
    Temperature range -40°C to +75°C
    Manufacturer tde/US Conec
    Optical Performance
    Insertion loss typ.
    Insertion loss max.
    Return loss min.
    50/125µ OM3
    850 nm
    ≤ 0.20 dB
    0.35 dB
    25 dB
P/N Description Quantity
L-M2P50-3-LOOP FO Loopback Connector 24F MPO/MTP® with pins 50/125µ OM3
L-M2P50-4-LOOP FO Loopback Connector 24F MPO/MTP® with pins 50/125µ OM4



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