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Press releases

Optical connectors based on Expanded Beam technology

Fibre optic connectors for extreme environments

Dortmund, 15 December 2009. With the Expanded Beam lens connector technology it is possible to use fibre optic cables in the harshest of environments. In comparison with conventional connectors, lens connectors are far less susceptible to dirt, dust, shock and vibration, making them especially suitable for use in harsh environments, such as in military, broadcast or industrial applications.

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Maximum port density: tde integrates URM connection technology into tML® system

Dortmund, 18 November 2009. tde - trans data elektronik GmbH, the leading manufacturer, distributor and system provider of networking technologies now offers a new tML® fibre optic module especially designed for URM connectors, as a practical addition to its successful tML® - tde Modular Link system. In just one 1U casing, the new module houses 192 fibres, a density that had previously not been obtainable with URM systems.

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72 fibre module

New 72 fibre module achieves 576 fibres in a single 1U unit

Dortmund, 21 October 2009. With the new 72-fibre tML® fibre optic module, we now offer a new, innovative module for the successful tML® - tde Modular Link cabling system. The 72-fibre tML® fibre optic module allows the highest levels of packaging density, with minimum installation effort on site.

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FO patchcords on stock

At the request of our customers, we can deliver standard patchords from stock with immediate effect.

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Most likely the smallest FO- fanout unit of the world for 144 fibers

The company tde has developed a new FO- fanout unit, that does not only cover the usual 12, 24 fibers, but now 144!!! What is so special about this development is its size:

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High performance plugs by the use of the "Lasercleaver"

Since January 2007 the new Comet Lasercleaver from Sagitta is used in the Fiber optic plug assembly process. Because of the use of this engine, not only the amount of assemblied plugs has arised, but the quality of the pollishing.

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MPO in SAN environment

tde offers products for the fast and easy installation of high performance data processing centres and SAN applications. The combination of preconverted trunkcable assemblies and cassettes allow an easy "plug and gO" installation:

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