New tML System Platform: Maximum Packing Density, Simple Assembly

tde presents new rack mount enclosure for challenging network environments

tde presents new rack mount enclosure for challenging network environments
New tML System Platform: Maximum Packing Density, Simple Assembly

Dortmund, 28th September 2017. With its new tML system platform, tde - trans data elektronik is expanding its portfolio of high-performance scalable plug-and-play cabling solutions. The latest product of the network specialist is the logical next step in developing reliable, modular tML cabling systems. The new rack mount enclosure is especially easy to assemble and, on a height unit of 19 inches (= 1 height unit), has a mounting capacity of up to eight modules from the product lines tML Standard, tML Xtended and tML 24. In combination with the innovative tML 24, the new rack mount enclosure reaches maximum packing density and is highly flexible when migrating to high transmission rates. The massive packing density, coupled with the fast, tool-free assembly via an extendable tray as well as the snap-in mechanism in the rear are unique in the industry. An optional cover for the front manages and protects the patch cables routing.

Lack of time and space are the problems which data centre operators have to face nowadays. With the newly developed and easy-to-assemble tML system platform, tde has developed a solution which can easily face these challenges: Fully equipped with eight modules, the new 19 inch rack mount enclosure is capable of housing 96x fibre-optic LC duplex ports with 192 fibres, 96x 12-fibre MPO with 1152 fibres or 96x 24-fibre MPO with 2304 fibres. Equipping the rack mount enclosure with 6-fibre MPO, 32-fibre MPO, 72-fibre MPO and even 96-fibre MPO is also possible. Different modules with fibre-optic and copper ports, such as RJ45, can be combined in one individual rack mount enclosure. Older connection technologies such as SC, ST or E2000 can also be integrated.

„The packing density is currently unique in the industry“, explains André Engel, CEO of tde. „As the modules can be easily switched and exchanged at any time, the new tML system platform is always the number one choice when high transmission rates such as 40 or 100G and more are required. This is especially the case in combination with our tML 24 system.” The rear cabling of that specific system is based on the 24-fibre connector. The network expert has used trunk cables and modules of the multiply patented, modular tML cabling system and combined them with MPO 24-fibre connectors for that purpose. In contrast with the structurally identical MPO 12-fibre connector, they offer twice the number of fibres with two rows of 12 fibres each, enabling an even more compact performance with minimal space requirements. „We offer companies an unbeatable system in order to protect their investments while at the same time providing peak performance and flexibility for every feasible application scenario“, says André Engel.

Tool-free installation

In order to easily equip the rack mount enclosure, tde designed it as an extendable tray, which can be pulled out at the front or even removed completely. This enables IT employees to easily work on assembling modules and cabling on the rear side. No tools are required for mounting the modules, which are secured via a snap-in lock also functioning as a grounding point. The spring mechanism is located inside of the extendable tray. The tray is guided and locked into place by 19 inch mounting tubes. „While developing the new system platform we paid special attention to tool-free handling. Our goal was to allow for a quick and easy implementation with reduced installation times“, explains André Engel.

Integrated cable routing

The new system platform also offers integrated patch cable management and can be combined with an optional front cover to enhance the horizontal cable routing and to protect the ports. The new rack mount enclosure also possesses an integrated cable catch on the rear side. Additional components are not necessary. Users profit from reduced installation times here as well. The new system platform has unlimited backwards compatibility for all tML modules on the market, including tML Standard, tML Xtended and tML 24.

The tML – tde Modular Link-System

tML is a patented, modular cabling system, that consists of the three key components module, trunk cable and rack mount enclosure. All of the system components are to 100 percent produced, pre-assembled and tested in Germany. The on-site plug-and-play installation is very simple and straightforward, especially in data centres, as well as other industrial environments. The centrepieces of the system are the MPO/MTP- and Telco connector cables on the rear side, which make it possible to connect at least six or 12 ports with 10 GbE or GbE performance at once. The fibre-optic and TP modules can be used jointly in one single rack mount enclosure with high port density. tde's tML cabling system can be acquired as the proven tML standard system as well as in the innovative variants tML Xtended and tML 24 with extremely high scalability and easy migration to higher transmission rates such as 40G and 100G+.

About tde – trans data elektronik GmbH
For 25 years the tde - trans data elektronik GmbH, an internationally successful company, has specialised in the development and production of scalable cabling systems for highest packing density. The nuclear research centre CERN relies on the know-how of the leading company in multi-fibre technics (MPO) as well. The company’s portfolio "Made in Germany" contains complete system solutions with a focus on Plug-and-play for high speed applications in the field of datacom, telecom, industry, medical and defence. tde offers both planning and installation services through its own service department and supports the "European Code of Conduct" when it comes to energy efficiency in data centres. For more information, visit

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