Modular central office solution – unique loose tube over length management system integrated in splice modules

ODF by tde: Up to 4032 fibres within the smallest space

Modular central office solution – unique loose tube over length management system integrated in splice modules
ODF by tde: Up to 4032 fibres within the smallest space

Dortmund/Germany, 12. April 2016. With the tDF tde distribution frame solution tde – trans data elektronik presents a new central fibre distribution frame. The modular solution can be especially used with carriers in the central office and ensures highest packing density within the smallest space. Up to 4032 fibres can be terminated with LC connectors on 46 height units. During development, tde paid particular attention to user-friendly installation: The patented splice modules can all be fitted from the front. Since the tDF is compatible with the modular plug-and-play cabling system tML, network technicians can also install MPO/MTP modules in the same sub rack unit. Customers can now order the modular and highly flexible tDF rack system completely pre-assembled and tailored to their needs.

tde launches a new ODF solution: The tDF rack system has a modular design and consists of very few components. The modular central office solution offers the highest packing density in the industry: Up to 4032 fibres can be terminated with LC connectors on 46 height units. The tDF rack fits up to 14 tDF sub racks with three height units each. A 19-inch sub rack occupies three height units and can accommodate up to twelve tDF splice modules. Each sub rack unit can terminate up to 288 fibres and each tDF splice module up to 24 fibres with LC connectors. The splices are stored in standard splice cassettes. The tDF supports all common connector types ranging from E2000 to LC and SC connectors to MPO/MTP plug connectors. When using E2000 and SC connectors, 114 fibres are terminated on three height units.

The loose tube over length management system integrated into the splice module is unique in the market: It does not require an extra height unit for the cable over length tray as opposed to traditional solutions. A flexible tube protects the loose tube over length. Network technicians can store them protected in the module. For splicing, the module with approx. 0.5 m of flexible tube can be easily removed from the sub rack. Within the three height units, the patch cables are routed to the side. Three cable guide holders are attached to the side to better manage the patch cables. Special tDF fan out units route the master cables to the side of the assembly unit before splitting them there; the results are very short stripping lengths. tde has designed the tDF distributor for various cable diameters. The loose tubes can be arranged in flexible tubes and routed to the splice modules in a fixed way.

Via a special adapter kit all tML modules can be integrated into the tDF. In this way, users have a comprehensive range of MPO/MTP connector systems at hand. “Our new tDF meets the needs of the market,” André Engel, CEO at tde explains and continues to mention: “We’re already receiving very positive feedback from our customers.” 

tde’s design of the tDF rack is well thought-through: On the left hand side, there is generous space with radios limiters to manage patch cable over lengths; on the right hand side, the master cables can be accommodated. The sides and the doors of the rack can be removed. The rack can be mounted on the wall or positioned back-to-back. Using a rack mounting set, it can also be mounted side-by-side. tde offers the tDF rack with an optional base as well as cable entries from the top or the bottom. Thanks to standard 19-inch grid struts the tDF provides greatest flexibility. Further 19-inch components can be mounted, provided their depth does not exceed 280 mm. Conversely, individual tDF sub rack units can be integrated into already existing racks.

To ensure user-friendly installation, the sub rack units can be installed from the front. tde already offers customers the tDF rack custom-made and completely pre-assembled.


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