What main points are covered by the Code of Conduct?

1. As a behavioural compendium for energy-efficient data centres, the Code of Conduct includes guidelines for designers of data centres, data centre operators and owners of the data centre, called Participants.

2. To reduce energy consumption in data centres continuously, the Code of Conduct also provides basic guidelines for passive or active data centre components manufacturers, consulting companies or associations, known as Endorsers.

3. In addition, the Code of Conduct contains a set of so-called "best practice" solutions which are prime examples and which describe the most successful solutions and procedures to serve the involved companies and parties as an incentive for energy efficient operation of their data centres.
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The Best Practice Guidelines, version 8.1.0 (.pdf)

Which guidelines apply for data centre operators?

Participants commit to hand in a monthly record about the energy consumption of the entire data centre, the main IT components, especially the cooling system, and various temperature data and to assess this information using the DCiE index (Data Centre Infrastructure Efficiency).  Click on the following link to download the complete list of guidelines:

Participants guidelines version 3.0 (.pdf)

Which guidelines apply for manufacturers of data centre equipment?

Manufacturers of data centre equipment, consultants or industry associations have to prove that they support the energy-efficient data centre operation within their field of expertise. This implies the development of data centre components or solutions that promote the realization of energy-efficient data centre operation. Click on the following link to download the complete list of guidelines:

Endorsers guidelines version 3.1.0 (.pdf)

What other commitments does the code of conduct include?

All parties agree to raise the level of awareness of the Code on their own initiative.

What companies are already listed as Participants in the Code of Conduct?

For a list of all Participants, please click the following link: Participants

What companies already participate as endorsers of the Code of Conduct?

For a list of Endorsers, please visit the following link: Endorsers